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Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled shipping experience to our customers worldwide with our extensive knowledge and experience in handling overseas deliveries.

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Welcome to DHGLOBAL Welcome to DHGLOBAL, your go-to for package forwarding from Korea to the globe. We bridge the gap between South Korean products and global customers, ensuring reliable deliveries.

Our 13-Year Journey Starting with our K-pop e-commerce brand, KPOPTOWN (www.kpoptown.com), we’ve gained expertise in handling various products. Now, with KOREABUYING.COM, we offer more than just K-pop goods. You’ll find electronics, Korean crafts, beauty products, and more.

Our Mission At KOREABUYING.COM, our goal is simple: to provide top-notch shipping experiences. We ensure efficient and secure deliveries of your international purchases.

Why Choose DHGLOBAL?

  • Expertise in International Shipping: With 13 years in the field, we guarantee careful and efficient shipment handling.
  • Wide Product Range: Our site, KOREABUYING.COM, showcases an extensive selection of Korean products.
  • Secure and Reliable: We prioritize your trust, using robust packaging and reputable carriers.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you.

Connect With Us Start your Korean shopping experience at www.koreabuying.com. For any help, our customer support team is just a message away.

DHGLOBAL – Bringing Korea to Your World.

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Meet the DHGLOBAL Team: Bringing Korea to the World

At DHGLOBAL, we’re more than a company – we’re a family. Passionate about Korean culture, our dedicated team ensures an exceptional experience for every customer.

HYUNJIN Huh, Founder and CEO A visionary with over 15 years in international e-commerce, Jin-Soo’s passion for Korean culture drives DHGLOBAL. His strategic leadership continuously innovates to serve our customers’ evolving needs.

Ha-Yeol KIM, Operations Manager Hye-Jin, the operational backbone of DHGLOBAL, guarantees the quality and care of each package. Her meticulous attention to detail upholds our high standards.

Jun-Hyuk Seo, Customer Experience Lead With a deep understanding of customer service, Min-Jun infuses enthusiasm into our customer-first approach. He leads our support team, ensuring positive and productive interactions.

KI-HWAN Choi, Product Curator Soo-Yeon keeps our lineup exciting, selecting quality Korean products from traditional crafts to cutting-edge technology. Her keen eye for trends brings you Korea’s latest and best.

Chang-su Heo, Marketing Manager Da-Young’s creative marketing strategies have elevated DHGLOBAL’s presence. Her campaigns not only showcase our services but also the vibrant Korean culture.

Dong-Jin Heo, Logistics Coordinator Jae-Hyun’s logistical expertise ensures the safe, timely delivery of your packages. He meticulously oversees each parcel’s journey from Korea to your doorstep.

Together, our team is the heart of DHGLOBAL, blending professionalism, passion, and dedication. We take pride in connecting you with the best of Korea, every day.

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OUR SHIPMENTSustainability Efforts

At KOREABUYING, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our operations.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through eco-friendly packaging, energy-efficient logistics, and the ongoing pursuit of sustainable practices in all business areas. Our aim is to not only bring you the best of Korea but to do so in a manner that honors and safeguards our planet for future generations.”

2020: 35,980km
2021: 45,923km
2022: 112,760km
2023: 345,160km

OUR SUCCESSInteractive Features

At KOREABUYING, we believe in an engaging and dynamic customer experience

“This is why we’ve incorporated a variety of interactive features into our platform. Our real-time tracking system allows you to follow your order’s journey from Korea straight to your doorstep. Engage in fun polls and quizzes about the latest Korean product trends, making your visit both enlightening and entertaining. Plus, our ‘Virtual Try-On’ feature offers a unique way to experience products before buying, enhancing your online shopping adventure. We regularly update our website with fresh interactive content, keeping you engaged and immersed in the exciting world of Korean shopping.”

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Safety, quality and professionalism in performance

“Discovering KOREABUYING revolutionized my love for Korean products. I was impressed by the rapid delivery of my order and the exceptional care taken in packaging. Each item arrived in pristine condition, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction. I’ve been enthusiastically recommending KOREABUYING to all my friends!”

an Francisco, USAEmily R.

“I’ve been a loyal KOREABUYING customer for over a year, primarily for K-pop merchandise, and my experience has been consistently amazing. The incredible variety of products always impresses me, matched by their exceptionally friendly and responsive customer service. KOREABUYING has transformed international shopping into an easy and enjoyable experience. A heartfelt thank you to the KOREABUYING team!”

Mumbai, IndiaArjun S.,

“Finding authentic Korean beauty products in Europe was once a challenge, but KOREABUYING has completely transformed this experience. The high quality of their offerings, along with efficient shipping, ensures that my skincare favorites arrive promptly. Inspired by their recommendations, I’ve also ventured into trying Korean snacks, and they’ve been absolutely delightful! KOREABUYING consistently delivers exceptional service.”

Berlin, GermanySofia K.,

Effortless Access to Korea's Best Products, Worldwide

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