Shipping Service


Koreabuying distinguishes itself by minimizing product damage and reducing shipping costs with its specialized packaging solutions. This strategy ensures item safety for international transit and improves material efficiency.


1. Sign up and get your own Korean Address

This will be your own personal address in the Korea. No signup or setup fees.

2. Shop in any Korea Store and ship it to your new Korea address

Use your Korea address as your delivery address at checkout .

3. Combine your packages and save money

Shop on multiple websites, combine the packages into one box and save up to 80% on shipping.

Review our Shipping Service Fees and initiate your Shipping & Forwarding Services by submitting the Incoming Report Form to u

Service Type

Service Fee

Shipping Service Fee

Weight Based Fee

3000 ₩ + 1000 ₩ /KG


Multiple boxes into one


Package Split

One into multiple box

per additional new box

3000 ₩

Repacking Service

Asking new box

one time split

3000 ₩

Consolidation service

Consolidate: Buy from three different stores and let Koreabuying handle the rest! We’ll unpack your oversized, loosely filled boxes, thoroughly inspect the contents, and expertly repackage everything into one secure, compact box for efficient delivery.

With Ordinary Packages

Box1 : 20*20*30 / 2kg

(Big Box with small item )

Shipping cost 23.9 USD

due to box dimenstion

Box2: 30*30*40 / 2kg

(Big Box with small item )

Shipping cost : 53.2 USD

due to box dimenstion

Box3: 30*50*10 / 2kg

(Big Box with small item )

Shipping cost : 48.42 USD

due to box dimenstion

You have to pay a total of

23.9 + 53.2 + 48.42 =125.52 USD

with our Consolidation service

Box 1 + Box 2 + Box 3

23.9 + 53.2 + 48.42 = 125.52 USD

Koreabuying will pack in One Compact Box in 20*20*5 / 6kg and you can pay 48.42 USD only as shipping cost with shipping service fee of 6kg :11.9 = 48.42+11.9 = 60.32 USD

more than 50% shipping fee

You saved 65.2 USD

Repackaging Service

Many domestic shops fail to use adequate materials for international shipping, a gap Koreabuying effectively fills with its compact, waterproof, and damage-resistant packaging, making it an optimal choice for secure and cost-effective international shipping.

Why Customers Choose KOREABUYING

Are you ready to take your online global shipping needs to the next level?

Secure Korean Warehouse

Managed by Koreabuying, our Korean warehouse serves as a safe storage space for your packages, ready to be forwarded globally. Benefit from complimentary domestic shipping rates from numerous Korean E-commerce stores.

Dependable Proxy Shipping Services

We provide dependable proxy shipping solutions for your global shopping requirements, leveraging our 15 years of expertise in managing e-commerce stores.

Effortless Worldwide Forwarding

Easily forward packages from Korea worldwide, with reliable service and competitive rates of DHL, USPS, EMS, K-PACKET.

Global Package Forwarding Specialist

We ensure a safe and efficient delivery from Korea to your destination, handling customs and complying with each country’s strict regulations.

Efficient International Forwarding

Leverage our expert team and advanced technology for a hassle-free experience. Contact us through WhatsApp for simple and smooth transactions.”