Buying Service

Air cargo is any property carried or to be carried in an aircraft. Air cargo comprises air freight, air express and airmail.


We offer fast, reliable and efficient packaging, mail and freight forwarding worldwide


1 . Begin shopping at a Korean online store, send us the item's name, quantity, and URL

2 . We'll shop as per your request, collect payment, and provide a cart summary before checking out for you

3 . As soon as your package reaches our warehouse, the choice is yours. Ship it solo or consolidate with others, immediately or later, or even split it for customized delivery.

Review our Shipping Service Fees and initiate your Shipping & Forwarding Services by submitting the Incoming Report Form to u

Service Type

Service Fee

Buying Serivce

Weight Based Fee

3000 + 1000 / Item

Exchange / Return

Contact your sellers

Per store 5000

Free Storage

After Free, 1000 KRW a day

(First 45 days)


Extra layer of transparency Package Photo Update Every Box FREE



Shop from your favorite Korean store, add items to your cart, or if possible, share with us the product title and a screenshot of your cart.


Please fill out the buying request form as follows: we need the product title, store link, quantity, and options. A screenshot of the cart would also be helpful.


Your buying request details can be located under ‘My Account’ in the ‘Purchase & Delivery Service’ section.


Once your package arrives with us, we will provide further updates regarding the shipping service. The next steps will be consistent with our current shipping process.

Why You Need a Buying Service

Limited International Shipping

 Many domestic Korean shops do not offer international shipping. Those that do often have high shipping rates and typically only provide EMS as an option.

Language Barriers

Customer support in English is rare among Korean domestic shops. This can lead to communication difficulties in the event of unexpected issues.

Package Consolidation and Storage

These shops usually don’t offer package consolidation or product storage without additional fees. Even with paid services, long-term storage might not be available.

Payment Challenges

Completing purchases with international credit cards can be problematic on websites primarily designed in Korean, making the checkout process cumbersome.

Purchase Limitations

Official shops often impose purchase limits, restricting the quantity of items you can buy

High Shipping Costs for Individual Packages

Each small box incurs its own international shipping cost, as consolidation services are generally not provided.