Shipping Restrictions

Prohibited Products

“At KOREABUYING, we’re committed to ensuring safe and legal shipping practices. To help you understand what can’t be shipped, we avoid items that go against laws or need special licenses, as well as anything that might harm our equipment or team.

We’ve put together a handy list of items we can’t ship for you. While we’ve tried to cover everything, there might be a few more things that are also off-limits. We’re here to help, so if you’re unsure, just reach out!”

Controlled and Hazardous Materials

Firearms, Explosives, and Related Items

Gases and Related Equipment

Oxidizing Agents and Toxic Substances

Magnetic and Hazardous Objects

Flammable Substances and Liquids

Miscellaneous Prohibited Items

The de minimis value, which is the threshold for duty-free imports for packages from overseas

United States

Duty is applied for items over USD 800.


Duty and taxes apply after the first USD 1,000.


The threshold is USD 20.


The average is about USD 190, but it can vary significantly between countries.


The de minimis value is approximately USD 100.

South Korea

The threshold is around USD 150 to USD 200.


The de minimis value is about USD 50.


The limit is set at around USD 300 to USD 400.

De Minimis Thresholds -specific value limits set by countries for imported goods, below which no customs duties are charged

you can visit  this link to view the de minimis values table for various countries.